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I have been managing veterinary practices for over 20 years. I manage two veterinary companies. One as my job and one as my client. I adore my job as a veterinary practice manager but my job title nor the hunter green and khaki uniform that I have worn daily for nearly a decade and the scrubs for another decade define me.


I have a love for direct sales. Not only the products but the people that they support. I am a Color Street Senior Stylist and a Monat Market Partner. Although I need to sell product to keep my business booming and productive, I am not a salesperson. I am not specifically in the business of selling products at all. I am really in the business of empowering others to empower themselves. I would prefer to offer a struggling single mom or young adult putting themselves through college an opportunity. Another way. Something outside of the box we tend to put ourselves in.


I offer a wide variety of products and would love to help everyone feel beautiful with fabulous hair, skin, and nail products. Not to make money, but to help you feel comfortable, fabulous, powerful, fearless, and committed to your own journey. When we look good, we feel good.

When we feel good, we are confident. When we are confident, we are powerful.


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