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Anti-Aging Hair and Skin Care Products

If I could make your dog shed less and your husband grow hair, would you want to have a cup of coffee with me to chat? How about your hair and skin – does it need a boost? Monat is naturally based healthy aging hair & skin care. No harmful ingredients, all vegan, no animal testing, with clinically proven results. Monat is formulated to be concentrated & delivers exceptional results at an unparalleled value. We are Modern Nature.

Color Street

The Most Amazing in Home Manicure You Have Ever Had

Ombre Mani.jpg

Do you play in the dirt like I do? I would not even dream of paying for a salon manicure knowing I was just going to go home and mess it up. What if I had a solution? One where you do not have to go to the salon. One that is affordable and no big deal really if you screw it up.


One where you cannot even spill your polish. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Color Street is revolutionizing how people do their nails by taking the hassle, dry time, and mess out of the application process. Our chip-resistant strips contain a base coat, color coat, and top coat all in one. The result: a salon-quality manicure in minutes, whether you are at home or on the go. When you are ready for a new manicure, simply remove with nail polish remover and find your next Color Street favorite.

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